Most Common Tennis Injuries

Tennis elbow

This injury occurs when the muscles and tendons in the forearm, near the elbow joint have been overused. A common injury in tennis due to the action required to make a shot, this often needs the elbow joint to work overtime throughout the course of a match. This can lead to pain in the elbow area and when bending the arm. To prevent this injury occurring try to put less pressure on the joint, and if this is a recurring issue try changing your technique as this could relieve some of the pressure in that area.


Ankle Sprains

Another very common injury in tennis, as players need to turn sharply and change direction quickly to reach the ball and return it to their opponent. This fast turning puts lots of strain on the ligaments of the ankle. Similar to tennis elbow the area will feel pain and become weaker after the injury occurs. Wearing the right shoe can help to prevent an ankle sprain, as some tennis shoes come with added ankle support.


Patellar Tendonitis

Jumping is the usual cause for this injury and is also a consistent requirement of tennis, most players add a jump into their serve, and during the game they will need to jump to make smash shots or jump to the side to reach a passing shot. This joint takes the full weight of the body and is therefore susceptible to damage when it is being made to jump on top of that. Again watching your technique and making sure to balance your body weight by bending your knees will help to reduce the risk of an injury.


Rotator Cuff Tears

The shoulder is provided mobility thanks to the rotator cuff, overuse of the rotator cuff can cause it to tear over time. The result of this injury is that it becomes difficult to lift the arm and causes weakness to the shoulder area. To prevent a rotator cuff injury it is important to warm up before playing tennis, stretching your shoulders and arms in the process and preparing them for physical activity and the strain tennis puts on the area.


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