What a winner: Best Shot Result

After offering four of the most unique, entertaining and amazing shots produced in tennis in a Twitter poll the results are in. The four shots in the running were Roger Federer’s hot dog shot at the 2009 US Open against Novak Djokovic, Dustin Brown’s slice drop shot during his entertaining match with Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon, Boris Becker with his Boris dive and Jocelyn Rae’s super reactions against Romania Fed Cup.


The overwhelming favourite amongst the Twitter respondents was Rodger Federer’s hot dog shot. Federer’s shot has been recreated many times by him and others since but this one started the craze.


As the ball is lobbed over Federer’s head and he ran to the back of the court no one would have expected him to do what he did next. Instead of hooking the ball back from his side, he lets the ball drop and hits it between his legs angled perfectly to the open space on Djokovic’s side of the court. A mixture of the shot being world class and the utter surprise from Djokovic helped the Swiss to win what would turn out to be one of the most memorable points in modern times.



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